Elect Clay Campbell

DeKalb County States Attorney


As State’s Attorney, Clay would:
  • triallawyers150h[1]Make the funding of mental health treatment the highest priority to reduce criminal recidivism and prevent the prosecution of the mentally ill.
  • Establish a new drug task force to combat the heroin/opiate epidemic that is sweeping our nation.
  • Reinstitute a local child support enforcement unit to collect child support and prosecute deadbeat parents.
  • Utilize technology to decrease incarceration rates, monitor drug offenders and apprehend internet sexual predators and traffickers of child pornography.
  • Establish a public corruption hotline to allow private citizens to anonymously report corruption.
  • Create a cold case unit to review all unsolved murders.
  • Implement a process to allow citizens, particularly young offenders, to clean up their records to prevent unnecessary impediments to employment.
How Can I Help?
  • Write friend to friend emails. Send your friends a link to www.electclay.com and tell them why you will be voting for Clay Campbell for DeKalb County States Attorney.
  • Put a sign in your yard! Contact Clay using the phone number below to request a sign.
  • Write a Letter to your local newspaper! Both The Daily Chronicle and DeKalb County Online will accept Letters to the Editor during election time.
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